Sales Development Representative (APAC)

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Sales & Business Development
Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Who We Are
90 Seconds is the global video creation platform, allowing brands to create quality videos anywhere in the world. 90 Seconds revolutionizes the way video production is managed by simplifying the complexity of video production. This is done through our unique technology, including an end-to-end suite of collaboration tools, which helps brands connect and track offline video shoots back to an automated online workflow.
We provide brands access to more than 13,700 creators in over 160 countries and 900 cities across categories including videographers, directors, editors, animators, drone operators, photographers, and many more.
Today, with over 40,000 videos created for the world’s biggest Brands across multiple sectors - from Amazon to Unilever, Deloitte to Marriott – our vision to create the world’s leading cloud video production platform still remains at the heart of everything we do.
We’re a 10-year-old company at the Series B+/Pre-IPO phase, have been through self-funding, then 6 years of Venture capital partnering with Sequoia Capital, Airtree Ventures, SIG, and others. We’ve had years of high growth, a dip, and recovery and are now growing as a profitable company with good margins, strong balance sheet, and about 40% growth YoY.
Your Role, Collaboration & Team
As a Sales Development Representative, you will play a crucial role in increasing lead generation and converting cold outreach into qualified opportunities for our sales team. You will be responsible for identifying and engaging with potential customers, nurturing relationships, and ultimately setting up meetings or demos for our sales executives. This role requires a proactive and persistent individual who thrives in a fast-paced environment and can effectively communicate the value of our products/services to prospects.

What You'll Love Doing

  • Lead Generation:
  • Efficient Customer Attraction: Spearhead efficient and targeted customer attraction efforts through the use of automation tools for lead generation.
  • Automation for Impact: Utilize automation tools to streamline campaigns, optimizing marketing efforts for maximum impact in attracting potential customers.
  • Customer Acquisition Excellence: Drive excellence in customer acquisition by employing automation tools to orchestrate campaigns, ensuring your marketing efforts reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Targeted Marketing: Your role plays a pivotal part in ensuring that marketing efforts are highly targeted and effective in generating leads.
  • Performance Diagnosis and Benchmarking:
  • Performance Enhancement: Actively diagnose and identify areas of underperformance and implement strategies to elevate and enhance performance.
  • Continuous Improvement: Drive a culture of continuous improvement by benchmarking performance, identifying weaknesses, and implementing mechanisms to elevate standards.
  • Scaling Success: Lead the charge in scaling up and improving performance by diagnosing areas that need enhancement and implementing effective strategies.
  • Sales Intelligence and Market Research:
  • Market Insight Leadership: Take charge of market data collection and sales intelligence analysis, empowering your team with the knowledge to make strategic decisions and craft winning strategies.
  • Data-Driven Strategy: Lead the way in harnessing market insights and sales intelligence, enabling your team to craft data-backed strategies that drive results.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Drive data-driven decision-making by overseeing the collection and analysis of market data and sales intelligence, providing the insights needed for strategic choices.
  • Strategic Advantage: Your role ensures that your team has a competitive edge through a deep understanding of market dynamics and informed decision-making.

Who you are

  • Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field.
  • Previous experience in sales development, revenue-facing roles, sales training, or sales support is highly desirable.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of best practices, methodologies, and technologies in sales development.
  • Measurable experience with a positive impact on business outcomes, such as win rate, quota attainment, or reducing the length of sales cycles.
  • Experience in executing change management initiatives with established approaches.
  • Involvement and participation in sales enablement groups or communities is ideal.
  • High threshold for working in an ambiguous, fast-paced environment – figuring it out and adapting as you go.
  • A willingness to roll up sleeves to get it done.
  • Great communication skills and strong business acumen.
  • You're true to your customers and passionate about wow-ing them every day.
  • You don’t just deliver what’s expected, you dream big and are obsessed with making improvements.
  • Tech-savvy, data-driven, and you have the ability to learn and adopt new software competence.
  • Willingness to work across different time zones when required with flexible hours.

Our values

  • Be the Customer. Know, listen and live the experience of the customer. Think, talk, see, and ask like the customer. Then create value and build trust with the customer.
  • We are live. Our team is nimble, focused, and ready to act together now to create value for the customer, that is live in over 100 countries.
  • Own it. We are all owners. We focus on the core problems and opportunities that drive sustained success. We agree on a path, own the outcome, and do whatever it takes together.
  • Focus on what matters. Know the goals, know the numbers, know what matters, and prioritize. Visualize it for everyone so that you can align the team and make it happen.
  • Be Courageous. Have the courage to drive change for the business and don’t be afraid to take a risk and feel the burn. .