Marketing Manager (AUS)

at BoardOutlook


BoardOutlook is a tech startup providing SaaS services to boards and top executives across Australia and New Zealand. Our software helps boards review their performance and understand the key risks across their organisation.

We are looking for a Marketing Manager (with responsibility for Demand Gen, Growth and Content Marketing) to enable BoardOutlook to grow faster.

Below we’ve included more detail on:

Why you want to work for BoardOutlook

About the role (and you)


About our hiring process

How to apply

1. Why you want to work for BoardOutlook:

1.1 We build software for the chairs and CEOs of the world’s largest companies

BoardOutlook is a startup building performance management software for the Board of Directors of large organisations. Practically, our software helps boards to:

Review their own performance

Measure and understand skill gaps

Assess the performance of the CEO

Understand key risks across the organisation

Watch the product in action here

What this means in practice is helping people who run large organisations to make better decisions when it counts. We’ve won many of the largest companies in the country as our clients (in addition to state and federal governments). We’re backed by a top tier list of investors. Our revenue growth trajectory is impressive and continues to accelerate. For all these reasons we need help to continue to capture the opportunity that sits in front of us.

1.2 Working at BoardOutlook

At BoardOutlook we're a small team with big ambition. There are four values that form the foundation of our team ethos. Everyone we work with must display:

We hold ourselves to account: We have pride in our work and our impact. We work with high standards, and hit timeframes that we set for ourselves..

We play as a team: Our team strives to make each other's job easier and each other's life happier.

We think like winners: We're naturally optimistic, which gives us both confidence and ambition.

We are brave: We have the courage to set ambitious goals and the drive to work hard to realise them. We are not afraid to respectfully challenge each other.

The stronger the points above describe you and the kind of people you like to work with, the more likely it is you'll succeed at BoardOutlook.

2. About the role

2.1 Role Overview

We are looking for someone who wants to help build and manage the marketing function at a fast growing startup. We have been growing quickly through Account Management and Business Development to this point (due to happy customers and strong product-market-fit). As we move forward we are looking to fuel that growth by driving leads and revenue from marketing.

We are looking for a Marketing Manager (with responsibility for Demand Gen, Growth and Content Marketing) who will enable BoardOutlook to grow faster.

This role would be great for you if you are a marketing all-rounder, startup marketer, have some experience in content creation, or have been a marketing coordinator type role and are looking to learn more and have more ownership over marketing outcomes.

You’ll need to be a wordsmith, analytical thinker and have a good eye for design.

This role will have guidance and structure from a number of marketing channel frameworks we have built, as well as direct support from the Founder/CEO.

The role will be fast paced and action/execution oriented, so it’s most suited to someone who loves to do work and get in the weeds.

You will have an opportunity to build and own the execution layer of multiple marketing channels/areas and be a critical part of our growth journey.

2.2 What will I be doing day-to-day in this role?

Writing SEO optimised content and copy for the marketing website and other content channels

Updating marketing website and building website landing pages

Creating and monitoring paid ad campaigns

Posting, sharing and amplifying the content we are creating in other areas of the business through socials and other marketing channels including email and webinars

Working with the CEO and Sales teams to monitor Lead flow and quality

Joining meetings with the broader GTM (go-to-market) team to discuss broader GTM and product alignment

Helping launch new marketing channels/areas of focus

2.3 What will be the biggest challenges for me in this role?

There’s a lot of work to be done, and heaps of new marketing opportunities, so moving quickly will be key.

There are a few areas of focus, so jumping back and forth between channels, areas of focus and different projects will be common.

Marketing at BoardOutlook is new, so you will have to be comfortable with blazing a new trail and learning on the fly.

3. About you:

3.1 What kind of skills and experience do I need to have?

(Ideally most but not all)

Website development/building experience or exposure

Content marketing, ideally with SEO understanding/experience

Strong written communication skills

Ad platform/channel experience e.g Google Ads, Capterra etc.

Input or ownership of other content channels; email marketing, webinars etc.

4. Location:

Full-time hybrid role located at the Melbourne head office (East Melbourne). We operate on a hybrid basis with the expectation of you being in the office approximately three days per week.

5. Hiring Process:

5.1 What you can expect from our hiring process

Our hiring process at BoardOutlook is designed to test three areas:

Your capability to deliver on the job requirements, which we'll generally try and test through a short practical test.

Your individual approach and drivers, which we'll test through interviews and reference checks.

Your cultural fit, which we'll test against our documented target behaviours through interviews and reference checks.

For most roles you can expect to undertake three interviews plus a practical test. We respect your time in applying for a job, so you can expect rapid decisions after each phase - we typically try and get back to you in days rather than weeks.

5.2 How to apply

To apply for this role we are asking you to submit a short email with a written outline of your relevant experience and why you’re a good fit for what we’ve described as the day-to-day responsibilities (Section 2.2) and challenges of the role (Section 2.3) above.

Please send your application including these details to talent [at] boardoutlook [dot] com – Please make sure you include “Marketing Manager” within the subject line of your email. We’ll be in touch to confirm receipt of your application.

6. Referring candidates:

If this role isn’t for you, but you know someone great who might be a good fit, please suggest them to us (an email cc’ing in the individual to our hiring address is fine). If we end up hiring your suggestion we will gratefully pay a referral bonus of a brand new MacBook Pro. Recruitment agencies are welcome to suggest candidates, but the full extent of our payment for any successful candidates will be the MacBook Pro as outlined above.