Lead Full Stack Developer (Work from Anywhere in ANZ)



Software Engineering
Omaha Metropolitan Area, Nebraska, USA
Posted on Friday, October 6, 2023

About Compono 

Compono is a SaaS company that unlocks the potential of people. For companies large and small, we provide intelligent solutions to find, hire, develop and engage people by uniquely harnessing the power of data, science and technology. Our flexible modular solutions harness the power of your people, driving greater productivity and competitive advantage. 

Our recruitment and engagement solutions generate insights through neuroscience, machine learning and data analytics, to maximise people potential. Whilst our learning and development solutions leverage our expertise in human behaviour and instructional design, to deploy impactful and immersive learning experiences, giving people the skills they need. 

About the Role

In this role, you will technically lead a new team which sits within Compono's Certified Skills and Licensing area. As part of this team, you'll work towards improving one of Compono’s most successful platforms into a scalable serverless architecture to support the continued growth of the platform into global markets.  

Our products stand alone in a category where demand is high; customers and end-users continuously grow in staggering numbers. This not only excites and motivates us as a team, it also provides recurring revenue streams that ensure sustainability and continuous support from our investors. 

As a Lead Developer, you can solve any technical problem in your field given enough time. You will have diverse experience to foresee several solutions to upcoming problems and you know how to make trade-offs and be comfortable with the process. In addition, you will have a solid understanding of software design and systems architecture to be able to devise short term technical delivery plans. 

About You

The goal of a Lead Developer is to understand how their plans fit into the overall technical strategy of the company, what affect their decisions make on the system architecture and use their engineering and people best practices and knowledge to make their team high performers.

To help you achieve this, you will have:

  • Strong understanding of JavaScript / Typescript programming language - approximately 5+ years of experience   
  • Extensive experience with both front-end and server-side development in the context of the JavaScript ecosystem   
  • Proven experience with API design for use by third-party vendors
  • Comfortable with databases and knows best practices around interacting with them   
  • Experience with AWS/Serverless and can design and build a modern scalable app from the ground up           
  • Demonstrated involvement in an Open Source project/s is highly desirable           
  • Experience in delivery management with an ability to formulate delivery plans and align teams around those plans             
  • Understanding of software development, design principles and coding standards   
  • Knowledge of container environments such as Docker   
  • Has been a part of the delivery of multiple products or systems   
  • Ability to debug problems unassisted in most situations   

Technical Skills

  • JavaScript / TypeScript, React, Express.js  
  • AWS, Lambda   
  • GraphQL   
  • NoSQL and SQL databases   
  • TDD      

Ultimately, your team leadership, client delivery, and technical skills will be your most significant assets, so you will have experience and knowledge in the following:

  • Mentoring & Knowledge Sharing - Mentoring and coaching other Developers and helping them build confidence in their technical abilities by continuously sharing industry best practices and being a supporter of a positive learning culture.        
  • Technical Leader - Given enough time, solve any technical problem in your field and do that efficiently. You will have enough diverse experience to foresee several solutions to future problems.        
  • Team Planning & Estimating - Leading planning and estimation sessions for short term projects ensuring buy-in from all team members and ensuring efficiency by putting the team's time to best use with competing demands.     
  • Process Improvement - Continuously identifying and contributing process improvements suggestions both for your team and across the company.             
  • Adaptability - Ability to deal with a start-up that is fast-paced and continuously changing and able to deal with unknowns and help build better processes and best practices.  

If you meet a number of the requirements (and not all), we encourage you to submit your application.

Why join Compono?

The thing is… we’ve been thinking about work the wrong way for far too long. We’ve been trying so hard to keep our personal lives and our professional lives separate. But this simply isn’t possible. Because at our core we're the same person no matter the (life) situation; whether at work or at home.

How we see ourselves has always been tied to what we do. Which means, work isn’t just something you do, it’s part of who you are – even if you don’t realise it. After all, it’s where we spend most of our adult lives. Finding the right type of work, and the right businesses to work for, is intrinsically linked to our sense of identity, belonging, purpose, and overall happiness as people. 

But the right jobs aren’t easy to find. Because traditional recruitment methods are flawed. There’s too much focus on what we have done in the past, rather than who we are and what we can do. Which prevents us from reaching our full potential. And that shuts off opportunities we'd otherwise be perfect for, if only we knew it.

So we keep choosing the wrong jobs, and businesses keep choosing the wrong people. And this misalignment results in unhappy people, unfulfilling careers, and unproductive workplaces. 

Compono is here to change this.

This is your unique opportunity to join an environment where everyone is valued, where you are encouraged to generate your own ideas, have an impact on decisions, and own your areas! We are passionate about what we do but always with a close eye on work life balance. Join a team that is inclusive of all differences, celebrates successes and always continuously learns!

  • We work with your version of flexibly working                 
  • ESOP options                            
  • A culture built on trust and empowerment            

We live and breathe our core values, and they guide the way we work: 

  • Flexible Thinkers               
  • Elevate Each Other               
  • Serve with Passion               
  • Own Our Actions               
  • Forever Curious               
  • Strive For Excellence 

Come work with an amazing group of diverse team members before it is too late!

How to Apply

We would love to hear from you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and apply now by completing your profile in detail through the link below.

This profile will help us to better understand who you are; the types of skills and work experience you have, the qualifications you hold and the work preferences and expectations you have. Completing this profile will also help you understand more about us and whether you think Compono is a good fit for you.

Please contact Radhika Kantaria at radhika.kantaria@compono.com if you require further details. 

We’re more than a team, we’re a family. We’ve created an environment built on honesty, openness and inclusiveness. We pride ourselves in providing equal opportunities to everyone regardless of race, origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability status. We promise to do our best to accommodate everyone’s reasonable diverse needs to the best of our ability. If you have special needs and require assistance with your application, please reach out to info@compono.com.