Research Supervisor for Research Project A



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Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2023


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Course Overview

How do you bring together evidence to answer critical questions in psychology? This course will provide you with the opportunity to investigate a substantive individual research question relevant to the discipline of psychology, using the skills and knowledge you have developed during the program of study. Both Part A and Part B must be studied in consecutive teaching periods.

The research supervisor is to supervise a group of max 10 students for their projects. This includes group and individual learning sessions and the assessment of projects. Term time: 2 teaching periods (4 months). More details to be confirmed.

Teaching Period 3-2023 (24 April - 16 June)

Due Date to Apply: 31 March 2023

Rate: $80 per hour. Number of hours: TBC


Supervisors in the project are required to have a PHD or be research active within the last two years. Projects can be quantitative, qualitative or a mixture of both. The role of the supervisor is to:

  1. Design and implement online psychology research which can be feasibly conducted within the context of a fourth-year research project
  2. Support students through all stages of a research project (including research design, data collection, data analysis and academic writing).
  3. Interact with students through the learning management system, responding to their queries and concerns within 24 hours.
  4. Deliver group and individual supervision meetings.
  5. Mark Assessments and/or Theses.
  6. Attend a meeting with the teaching team.

The GDPA Capstone is an opportunity for supervisors to work on supervisor-led projects with up to 10 students. Each student works on a question provided by the supervisor. Students complete 6 assessments throughout the course, the first five building towards the final thesis

There are two types of projects, those that require data collection and those that can be conducted from extant data. Data collection is supported by a research fund of $340.00 per student. Data is to be collected using the Prolific platform – which if you haven’t used it before, is a global database of research participants. Extant data can be used if there are no ethics restrictions on the project from the granting institution and/or students can be easily added to the project. An Associated Supervisor from the University supports the project. Supervisors are also able to work with the student team to publish research outputs.



Online learning is an intensive learning experience for both the students and the online facilitator. You will be provided with a great deal of support from The Faculty and our client in order to deliver a great student experience.

Must haves:

  • Must be a registered psychologist, PhD in psychology and research active.
  • Substantial work or practice-based experience, and significant industry experience in the related subject matter
  • Demonstratable currency in skills and contemporary teaching and learning experience relevant to the discipline they are handling, online is highly regarded
  • Academic profile reflecting the supervision capacity required to lead students in intellectual inquiry suited to the nature and expected learning outcomes of each Course
  • Demonstrated active engagement in continuing scholarship or industry activity relevant to the discipline they are supervising where delivering higher degrees such as postgraduate awards (e.g., Masters)
  • Knowledge of contemporary developments in the relevant discipline of the Course informed by their own continued learning or practice
  • High level written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organisation & planning skills
  • Confidence and resourcefulness in learning new technologies
  • The ability to demonstrate high levels of empathy for the challenges experienced by online students
  • Flexible and online work with mostly evening and weekend hours required