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Heidi Health

Heidi Health

Posted on Friday, February 2, 2024

About Us:

Heidi was founded in 2021 by Dr Tom Kelly and his co-founder Waleed Mussa, in 2023 we closed our $10 million Series A in a fundraise led by Blackbird the leading VC in Australia. Heidi is on a mission to build the indispensable medical AI that humanity can’t live without. We believe that in 2050 every clinician will practice with AI systems that free them from administrative burden and increase the quality and accessibility of care to patients across the world. Today, we have a suite of tools that revolutionise the way patients receive and clinicians provide care. Heidi Scribe transcribes consultations to generate clinical notes, documents and next-step actions. These tools are being stitched into a platform that will define a new mode of providing healthcare.

Given this level of ambition we are looking to build out an esteemed Medical Editorial Board of world class healthcare professionals. These elite individuals will help expand our global networks and provide expert industry advice to help us win the race in medical AI. We believe now is the time for Heidi to market an industry leading product and develop our category defining transcription tool scribe and we would love you to be part of this epic journey!

Engagement Overview:

We are seeking an industry thought leader, the most esteemed and elite healthcare professionals to join our Medical Editorial Board. You will be an evangelist of our core mission, accelerating our global go-to-market velocity and expanding the reach of our clinical tools in the market. You will provide strategic input as a medical expert, giving product development feedback and building out a global footprint of users who can’t live without Heidi. You will help us identify new market opportunities, define our competitive advantage and key differentiators in the medical AI transcription space. In return you get to be part of an industry leading medical AI phenomemum, you will connect with industry experts and peers to establish your portfolio as an Editorial Board Member.

What you’ll do:

  • Identify new market opportunities for Heidi’s clinical tools with strategic networking, introductions and connecting

  • Provide strategic input on product development and improvement based on your clinical expertise and experience in the healthcare sector.

  • Serve as a product evangelist and brand ambassador promoting Heidi’s mission and our AI tools at every opportunity within your professional network and at industry events.

  • Participate in regular editorial board meetings to discuss progress, challenges, and strategies.

  • Collaborate with other board members and our team to identify new opportunities for the application of AI in healthcare and specific product avenues for Heidi.

  • Contribute to editorial and social content, such as white papers, case studies, or blog posts, demonstrating the impact of AI in healthcare.

  • Deploy our AI tools in your everyday practice, providing real-world insights and feedback.

  • Evaluate the efficacy and impact of our AI solutions on clinician customer lifecycle, patient care and overall healthcare operations.

What we will look for:

  • A distinguished professional in the healthcare industry (e.g., physician, specialist, professor etc) with a minimum of 10+ years of experience.

  • Demonstrated passion and knowledge of artificial intelligence and its applications in healthcare to improve patient access to care.

  • Strong and expansive network within the healthcare community with deep relationships and the ability to influence peers to help open doors for Heidi.

  • Medical figurehead with a high profile clinical and personal brand with a strong online presence

  • A ‘do-er’ over an advisor, someone who offers strategic input but is an executor and a builder at heart


  • Opportunity to be at the forefront of medical AI and innovation in healthcare

  • Exposure to one of Australia’s more prominent and fastest growing AI health techs

  • Leverage and expand your professional network by collaborating with other leading healthcare professionals and tech innovators

  • Elevate your clinical and personal brand as a thought leader bridging the gap between AI and healthcare

  • Attractive equity allotment - if Heidi wins you win!

Engagement: Subjective to individual, equity allocation and feasible time commitment.

  • Part-time role, day a month up to day a week

  • 6-12 months minimum revised on an ongoing basis

  • 3 check ins per week ~ roughly 5+ hours minimum

  • 1-2 monthly MEB discussions

  • 1 thought leadership piece or event each quarter

What do we believe in?

  • We create unconventional solutions to difficult problems and we build them fast. We want you to set impossible goals and make them happen, think landing a rocket but the medical version.

  • You'll be surrounded by a world-class team of engineers, medicos and designers to do your best work, inspired by our shared beliefs:

    • We will stop at nothing to improve patient care across the world.

    • We design user experiences for joy and ship them fast.

    • We make decisions in a flat hierarchy, prioritising truth over rank.

    • We provide the resources for people to succeed and give them the freedom to do it.