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Today personal data is bought and sold in hidden data markets. The data brokerage market is worth more than $200 billion per year. And yet you users have no idea this is happening or partake in this data economy or share in these earnings. Itheum is the world's 1st "Decentralised Data Brokerage". The product aims to reduce the monopoly and dominance these data brokers have over users' lives. The team believes in a future of personal data sovereignty and the role it plays in society. The Itheum platform follows the principle of "progressive decentralisation'' to ensure it provides a platform that has real world use-cases today and yet enables the systematic removal of centralised intermediaries (traditional intermediaries like Data Brokers). The main product is a Decentralised Data DEX: This cross-chain data DEX allows users to unlock personal data for the greater social good and earn revenue for sharing data assets. It provides some revolutionary new features like: ● Peer-to-Peer sale of personal data ● Data NFTs - wrap data as an NFT to gain features like limited availability, royalties and to trade in secondary markets like OpenSea and Decentraland ● Data Coalitions - sell data in bulk via a DAO managed entity ● Personal Data Proofs - For 3rd Party Smart Contract access to data ● Data Adaptors - For on-chain/off-chain personal data importers ● Data Vaults - For access to highly sensitive personal data ● Data Streams - For longitudinal personal data streams ● Trusted Computation Framework - For privacy-preserving computation on personal data Itheum also provides a web2 solution called the "data collection and analytics platform". Anyone can use this toolkit to build user data collection tools with built in outcome-oriented analytics. This product is already in the market and powers products like OKPulse ( In summary; Itheum is the core data platform for the web3 and metaverse era.

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