Remi AI
Remi AI


Millers Point NSW 2000, Australia

B. 5-20
Supply chain
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Remi is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) research firm. We take inspiration from neuroscience to design algorithms that emulate mammalian brains and, in our highest ambitions, human intelligence. Our focus is on developing and employing General A.I, that is, algorithms designed to excel at any task, in opposition to Narrow A.I which is designed to excel at one task only. We hope to bring the next wave of algorithms to the marketplace allowing solutions to be developed while keeping costs to a minimum. Within the Remi Group there are two sections: Platforms and Bespoke Projects, and these are built on a solid foundation of Research. We see great benefit in offering private consulting as well as licensed services as it allows us direct insights into the problems that businesses are facing before we build out a service. This ensures that our customers and clients receive only the most up to date and relevant technology from Remi.

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